64272 - 01:44 - Box Station - Wizard - win - game.taucetistation.org:2506
Wizard Federation
    • Steal a piece of corgi meat. SUCCESS
    • Stay alive until the end. SUCCESS

    • Traitor
    • M'ark M'rshan
    • morkleb
    • Steal a piece of corgi meat. SUCCESS
    • Download important data from the telecommunications hub to the disk provided to you. SUCCESS
    • Assassinate HEX, the Research Director. FAIL
    • Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and free. SUCCESS
    • Всего ТК - 20
    • Потрачено ТК - 19
    Предмет Стоимость
    Compressed Implant 7
    EMP Flashlight 4
    Syndicate Encryption Key 2
    Sy-Code Book 1
    Freedom Implant 5

Имя Профессия Роль
HEX Research Director
Zane Mitchell Security Officer
Caleb Neely Assistant
Landen Gronko Quartermaster
Lee Holloway Medical Doctor
Ali Malkoy Geneticist
Kim Oistrich Chaplain
Gennady Whiteman Medical Doctor
Gloria Clewett Head of Security
Suemori-san AI
M'ark M'rshan Chemist Traitor
Marcus Knapp Security Officer
Joshua Todd Cyborg
Ivan Mudkin Security Officer
Komarik Clown
Phoenix Redd Security Officer
Daniel Edwards Security Officer
Zena Catie MODE Wizard
Maya Campbell Station Engineer
Judith Station Engineer
Solar Deneck Recycler
Edgar Marcotte Roboticist
Izyaslav Mandelstam Captain
Ra'sir Saris Warden
Имя Профессия Роль Время смерти BRUTE BURN TOXIN OXY BRAIN
Ivan Mudkin Security Officer 00:59 0 0 0 0 0