64233 - 01:44 - Box Station - Traitor - lose - game.taucetistation.org:2506
    • Traitor
    • Amadeus Edelstenne
    • riverz
    • Sabotage the R&D servers and systems. Insert the diskette you were given into the R&D Server Controller to complete the objective. FAIL
    • Steal a hand teleporter. FAIL
    • Steal a Research Director's teleport armor. FAIL
    • Stay alive until the end. FAIL
    • Всего ТК - 20
    • Потрачено ТК - 8
    Предмет Стоимость
    Chameleon-Projector 5
    Explosive Implant 3

    • Make an example of Roman Bold, the Roboticist. Break one of their bones, detach one of their limbs or disfigure their face. Make sure they're alive when you do it. SUCCESS
    • Assassinate Ali Dimeling, the Security Officer. SUCCESS
    • Stay alive until the end. SUCCESS
    • Всего ТК - 20
    • Потрачено ТК - 20
    Предмет Стоимость
    TR-8-R Revolver (25% off!) 6
    No-Slip Brown Shoes 1
    Miniature Energy Crossbow 7
    Cryptographic Sequencer 6
  • Traitor
  • Alexander Petrovich
  • exmagister
  • Detonate a bomb in one of the following compartments: Captain's office, armory, toxin storage, EVA, telecommunications, atmospherics. SUCCESS
  • Assassinate Caleb Neely, the Botanist. SUCCESS
  • Stay alive until the end. SUCCESS
  • Всего ТК - 20
  • Потрачено ТК - 0

Имя Профессия Роль
Amadeus Edelstenne Technical Assistant Traitor
M'ark M'rshan Virologist
Marcus Knapp Head of Security
Corvo Luzzago Research Director
Hans Schmidt Security Officer
Judith Xenoarchaeologist
Samantha Dakota Medical Doctor
Roman Bold Roboticist
Caleb Neely Botanist Traitor
PBU-726 Cyborg
Kai Henstone Assistant
Fridge McDonald Chief Engineer
Caroline Stafford Station Engineer
Zane Mitchell Security Officer
Alexander Petrovich Janitor Traitor
Basia Belova Quartermaster
Ra'sir Saris Captain
Audacia Actionis Blueshield Officer
Ali Dimeling Security Officer
Pavel Dementyev Recycler
Laurencia Guess Medical Intern
Имя Профессия Роль Время смерти BRUTE BURN TOXIN OXY BRAIN
Amadeus Edelstenne Technical Assistant Traitor 00:18 0 12.8 0 0 0
Hans Schmidt Security Officer 01:11 0 207.2 0 0 0