62907 - 01:44 - Box Station - Wizard - lose - game.taucetistation.org:2506
Wizard Federation
    • Wizard
    • Zul Unseen
    • abibann
    • Assassinate Scott Binker, the Medical Doctor. SUCCESS
    • Steal the captain's antique laser gun. FAIL
    • Stay alive until the end. FAIL

    • Traitor
    • Qrqwqoo Qoo'xiqrqrrmuu
    • nasend
    • Steal a hand teleporter. FAIL
    • Steal the station blueprints. FAIL
    • Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and free. FAIL
    • Всего ТК - 20
    • Потрачено ТК - 19
    Предмет Стоимость
    Adrenaline Implant 6
    Compressed Implant 7
    Cryptographic Sequencer 6
  • Make an example of Basia Belova, the Research Director. Break one of their bones, detach one of their limbs or disfigure their face. Make sure they're alive when you do it. FAIL
  • Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and free. FAIL
  • Всего ТК - 20
  • Потрачено ТК - 20
Предмет Стоимость
TR-8-R Revolver 8
Armor Set 4
Adrenaline Implant 6
Syndicate Encryption Key 2

Borer Hivemind
Имя Профессия Роль
Gannon Davis Security Officer
Qrqwqoo Qoo'xiqrqrrmuu Geneticist Traitor
Gennady Whiteman Captain
Jonathan Engrid Paramedic
Damian Brooks Assistant
Brayden Snyder Assistant
Trent Clarke Chief Medical Officer
Zul Unseen MODE Wizard
Gerss Pharengeit Station Engineer
Richard Fluffy Medical Intern
Basia Belova Research Director
Scott Binker Medical Doctor Traitor
Kar'hesh Shannah Ja'khess Scientist
Richard White Blueshield Officer
Max Russell Scientist
Vyacheslav Raven Scientist
Roy Crimson Station Engineer
Belova Mime
Kirill Isaev Head of Security
Ivy Nash Recycler
Sophia Pilarez Shaft Miner
S'shara Ve'ssa Head of Personnel
Joseph Dreyfus Geneticist
Antony Hill Quartermaster
Otto Schulz Chief Engineer
Vitaly Shevchenko Bartender
Shen'Sheng De-Long Security Officer
Diego Draudi Roboticist
Jonas Otis Research Assistant
George Gray Head of Security
Egor Ivanovich Recycler
Grego Sanitar Assistant
Sharak'Dakhar Rashin Atmospheric Technician
Ulric Gray Chaplain
Siras Ris'ar Security Officer
Jesus Exery Security Officer
Kirill Isaev Chief Medical Officer
Korvo Forpean Internal Affairs Agent
Harry Willson Assistant
Alexey Poplavsky Assistant
Genma Mammadi Assistant
Dossee Phobis Internal Affairs Agent
Имя Профессия Роль Время смерти BRUTE BURN TOXIN OXY BRAIN
Shen'Sheng De-Long Security Officer 00:38 4.3 0 32 164 0
Shen'Sheng De-Long Security Officer 00:40 1.4 0 33 165.834 0
Zul Unseen MODE Wizard 00:54 0 111.8 48 46 0
Scott Binker Medical Doctor Traitor 01:18 0 166.2 0 45.3333 0
Scott Binker Medical Doctor Traitor 01:24 0 162.2 0 43.6667 53.6799
Scott Binker Medical Doctor Traitor 01:25 0 158.2 0 42.5 53.6799
Scott Binker Medical Doctor Traitor 01:32 0 0 0 200 53.6799