62781 - 01:43 - Box Station - Imposter - lose - game.taucetistation.org:2506
    • Steal the golden fire extinguisher. FAIL
    • Make an example of Julia Francesco, the Roboticist. Break one of their bones, detach one of their limbs or disfigure their face. Make sure they're alive when you do it. SUCCESS
    • Steal a hand teleporter. SUCCESS
    • Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and free. FAIL

Имя Профессия Роль
Nicolas Whiteman Detective
Lavr Chibisov Recycler
Trent Clarke Chief Medical Officer
Gavin Begum Shaft Miner
Locke Huey Internal Affairs Agent
Vicul Madlay Assistant
Crush Nehling Scientist
Skharr Noor Medical Doctor
John Anderson Security Cadet
Julia Francesco Roboticist
Pombe Kwabena Geneticist
1-Rover-1 AI
Aristarch Harrison Blueshield Officer
Salvador Chauvin Head of Personnel
Aleksey Kovylev Cargo Technician
Ivan Huga Assistant
Brayden Snyder Assistant
Vadim Ogyrcov Assistant
Cody Laprar Station Engineer
Andre Owens Chef
Joseph Dreyfus Virologist
SLI-936 Cyborg
Mramir Moonteh Station Engineer
Имя Профессия Роль Время смерти BRUTE BURN TOXIN OXY BRAIN
Gavin Begum Shaft Miner 01:32 107.5 69 0 24 0