62747 - 01:44 - Box Station (Snowy) - Traitor - lose - game.taucetistation.org:2506
    • Traitor
    • Olen Oppenheimer
    • nasend
    • Steal the hypospray. SUCCESS
    • Make an example of Gennady Whiteman, the Head of Security. Break one of their bones, detach one of their limbs or disfigure their face. Make sure they're alive when you do it. FAIL
    • Stay alive until the end. SUCCESS
    • Всего ТК - 20
    • Потрачено ТК - 17
    Предмет Стоимость
    Syndicate Encryption Key 2
    Compressed Implant 7
    TR-8-R Revolver 8
    speedloader (.357) 0

Имя Профессия Роль
Olen Oppenheimer Research Director Traitor
Gennady Whiteman Head of Security
Nicolas Whiteman Security Cadet
Isaiah Vader Chief Medical Officer
Max Russell Recycler
Noah Richardson Captain
Brayden Snyder Assistant
Ivan Huga Shaft Miner
Artem Vorobyov Detective
Gannon Davis Medical Doctor
Nicolas Highlands Chief Engineer
Antonio Stewart Medical Doctor
Crush Nehling Shaft Miner
Speckles Clown
Jordan Ali Head of Personnel
Richard White Security Officer
Jay Bouchiu Assistant
Skharr Noor Medical Doctor
Anastasia Tankova Research Assistant
Ivy Nash Chef
Ra'sir Saris Blueshield Officer
Carl Reid Security Officer
Jack Brown Security Officer
Mramir Moonteh Station Engineer
Pombe Kwabena Botanist
Venyamin Benistro Security Officer
Vladimir Klunman Assistant
Имя Профессия Роль Время смерти BRUTE BURN TOXIN OXY BRAIN
Gannon Davis Medical Doctor 00:14 0 0 161 39 0
Pombe Kwabena Botanist 01:41 37.2 0 69 99.6667 0