62739 - 02:27 - Delta Station - Wizard - lose - game.taucetistation.org:2506
Wizard Federation
    • Wizard
    • Allhamdulillah the Multip
    • liteyzz
    • Assassinate Brayden Snyder, the Assistant. FAIL
    • Steal a functional AI. FAIL
    • Stay alive until the end. FAIL

    • Steal the golden fire extinguisher. FAIL
    • Steal a captain's jetpack. FAIL
    • Stay alive until the end. SUCCESS
    • Всего ТК - 20
    • Потрачено ТК - 0
  • Traitor
  • Mattew Shtainer
  • leapold
  • Assassinate Sergey Dzerzhinsky, the Detective. FAIL
  • Make an example of Victor Nesterov, the Medical Intern. Break one of their bones, detach one of their limbs or disfigure their face. Make sure they're alive when you do it. FAIL
  • Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and free. FAIL
  • Всего ТК - 0
  • Потрачено ТК - 0

Имя Профессия Роль
Zsanett Dudasne Chief Medical Officer
Mattew Shtainer Technical Assistant Traitor
Khar'Schan Janitor
Crush Nehling Shaft Miner
Allhamdulillah the Multip MODE Wizard
Sawyer Adams Chef
Gennady Whiteman Head of Security
Derreck Milne Paramedic
Vicul Madlay Quartermaster
Sergey Dzerzhinsky Detective Traitor
Brayden Snyder Assistant
Sivean Doulson Shaft Miner
Nicolas Whiteman Security Cadet
Stas Zhorov Bartender
Franklin Seidner Technical Assistant
Alic Sosedsky Botanist
Wyatt Pennington Assistant
Jay Bouchiu Head of Personnel
Ra'arsh Jar'shir Forensic Technician
Jaxon Stewart Station Engineer
Victor Nesterov Medical Intern
Kirill Golovkin Medical Doctor
Anastasia Tankova Security Officer
Noah Todd Assistant
Charles Flickinger Janitor
Имя Профессия Роль Время смерти BRUTE BURN TOXIN OXY BRAIN
Allhamdulillah the Multip MODE Wizard 00:26 10 240 0 3.66667 70
Wyatt Pennington Assistant 00:27 0 177.5 0 24.5809 0
Sivean Doulson Shaft Miner 00:52 88.4 104.3 1 8.66667 0
Crush Nehling Shaft Miner 01:41 22 0 0 181 0